PLASN (Pan London Autism Schools Network) is a network of schools from across London that all specialise in autism.

Manor School is a member of this group which offers the opportunity for us to share knowledge and experiences in order to help ensure the best outcomes for our students.

‘PLASN- Research’ (PLASN-R) is a subgroup of this network, providing links between the schools and autism researchers within universities/institutions and is led by the Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) at the UCL Institute of Education.’

This enables us to identify priorities for research and work together with research experts to implement studies in our schools. By working in this way, we continue to provide best evidence-based practice in our school.

PLASN members have recently supported the following studies:

  • Research looking at the transition of a group of young adults up to the age of 25 who had all attended PLASN schools
  • Research looking at the emotional and behavioural problems in young people with Autism who attend PLASN schools

A selection of PLASN newsletters can be viewed/downloaded below: