Working together

Marian Swift

Marian Swift is our Family Liaison Co-ordinator. If you would like to speak to her regarding family support please contact the Manor School office. Meetings and events for parents can be viewed on the website calendar.

Home Visits
Marian visits families in the home to support parents and children with any difficulties they may be having with their behaviour, self-help skills and filling in transport forms etc. If you feel that a home visit would be helpful please contact Marian to discuss this further.

The Family Forum
The Family Forum is held on alternate Friday mornings. Each forum will have a focus, allowing us to share information on a range of different topics such as toileting, behaviour, self-help skills, sleep, etc. Families attend the forums they will find most helpful.

The forum may have guest speakers such as the schools Occupational Therapists, Nurse, Dentist, and Speech and Language Therapists to discuss their role at Manor School.

The meeting is a great opportunity to meet other parents at Manor School.

The Family Group
Manor School has a regular small group meeting for parents on alternate Friday mornings to the family forum. The aim is to provide a supportive group where parents can meet together over a coffee and:

  • share ideas and resources in relation to their children’s development
  • discuss issues they are facing and share the demands of parenting
  • offer suggestions, support and advice to other parents
  • receive additional advice and support from Marian

Dates and information regarding The Family Forum and The Family Group will be sent to all parents via text. If you would like further information about any aspect of Family Liaison services please contact Marian via the school office.

SEN Jungle
We recommend SEN Jungle as a useful resource for parents of SEN children. Click here for further information.

Click on the picture below for information on the Special Needs and Disability Reforms.

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