About our trust

Manor School converted to academy status and became a member of the Brent Specialist Academy Trust (now: The Rise Partnership Trust) in April 2017.

As a trust, we believe that all children work best when learning together in a safe, secure, happy and positive environment. We do our utmost to facilitate learning within a creative, inspiring and quality environment. Our staff are passionate about ensuring every pupils is achieving their best and fulfilling their potential.

Everyone is valued at our schools; our pupils, our parents, our staff, our visitors and our volunteers.

We are always learning and striving to be the best schools that we can be. We also try hard to work in partnership with parents to create trust and understanding to ensure all of our pupils make excellent progress from their own starting point. Communication between parents and the school is vital. Class staff use a Home/School Book to communicate regularly with parents (at least weekly) and we send home regular newsletters.

We are currently in the process of expanding the trust, and are welcoming requests for more information from schools who may be interested in joining us. More information about our growth plans can be found here.