Love, Learn, Laugh at Manor School

Please click on the image above to view a short video on Verbal Behaviour at Manor School

At Manor School some of our pupils require a different kind of teaching approach to enable them to achieve their best.  The Verbal Behaviour methodology focuses on communication.  We currently have 2 classes at Manor School where this approach is used with all children and we have opened The Avenue school where this teaching methodology is used for all pupils.  In these classes children focus upon being able to “mand” /make requests vocally, with sign, PECS or digital technologies, imitate, as well as listen and respond to instructions.  A wide range of reinforcers are used to motivate the pupils to stay on task and attend to their learning.  Please have a look at the video to see what our children are learning.  We are very proud of their achievements.

Every day we aim for our Vision: ‘love, learn, laugh’ to be clearly ‘alive’ within our school. Our ‘happy’ video shows our wonderful pupils and staff having fun, communicating and engaging with each other. Please click on the video (image below) to watch our pupils and staff having a wonderful time in our school environment!

We know that when pupil’s are safe, happy and well cared for their learning is enhanced.