The Speech and Language Therapy Team

Manor School’s Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) team has four Therapists, Ellie, Lauren, Olivia and Sarah, as well as a Therapy Assistant, Sangita, and a part-time Administrator, Katrina. Our team aim is to “provide evidence-based services that anticipate and respond to the needs of individuals who experience […] communication or swallowing difficulties.” (The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, 2006)


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We assess the children’s strengths and needs in relation to their speech, language and communication skills. All children are assessed by a therapist on entry to Manor School.  All children are re-assessed in Year 2 to support their transition to Key Stage 2, and again in Year 5, to support them with their transition to secondary school.

Following each assessment, all children receive a report, which includes recommended target areas for the PIP (Personal Intervention Plan).

We also work with the Senior Leadership Team to continually monitor the children’s progress throughout their time here.


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We provide a range of interventions to support everyone to embed the children’s goals into their everyday lives.

All children get Whole School Support and Indirect Class-led Intervention

The SaLT team provides:
– PECS support at lunchtime.
– Makaton sign support in assemblies.
– Visual symbols in common areas.

We also:

– Jointly set communication goals with teachers at least once a year.
– Model activities, strategies and resources to class teams.
– Support class teams to run daily groups which focus on the children’s SaLT goals.

Direct Intervention as necessary

If this will make a unique impact, the SaLT team:

– Jointly sets communication goals with teachers throughout the year.
– Provides 1:1 or paired sessions led by the SaLT team, with a member of the class team present, in blocks of 1.5 terms.
– Liaises with classroom staff throughout the block to ensure progress is carried over to the classroom.
– Provide a short report at the end of each block, including a progress summary and updated recommended goals.


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We believe that real progress in each child’s communication skills comes from truly working as a team around the child.

The SaLT team is therefore committed to training other people who are in regular contact with the children.


The SaLT team provide:
– Speech and Language Therapy in-service training sessions for all class staff.
– Specific training courses for selected class staff, e.g. PECS, Elklan, Makaton.
– Access to Speech and Language Therapy advice and training for parents/carers at Parents’ Forum and short courses.
– Training for any non-teaching support staff on request.

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