Healthy Eating and School Meals

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Healthy Eating, School Meals and Snacks at Manor School

Manor School was awarded Healthy School Status and our school meals are cooked on site by our excellent in-house catering team. We are committed to supporting children to develop healthy eating habits and we offer fruit as a snack to all classes at school as well as a lifeskills curriculum with a focus upon tasting and preparing healthy snacks and drinks. We ask that families support us in this aim and do not send in sweets or crisps to school.

The majority of our pupils choose to have a school meal and really enjoy them. Our food is Halal and a vegetarian option is always on offer. Parents/carers may send their children with a packed lunch and we ask all parents/carers to fill in a form to notify the school of any special dietary needs.

School meals are an excellent way to encourage your child to eat a wide range of foods and to try new foods. All meals are always accompanied by a good range of vegetables and salad and children are encouraged to eat fruit as part of their pudding each day.

Class staff sit with the pupils during lunch time and pupils are supported to develop good table manners and to use a knife and fork. Parents often find that this support helps them at home.

Our Speech and Language Therapists support the pupils at lunch times and help the pupils to communicate their needs and make choices during these times. Children who use PECs to communicate are able to make choices and make their needs known with the PECs provided in our lunch halls.

As well as excellent lunch time routines each class also has a snack time each morning where pupils are offered a healthy snack and a drink. Manor School buys and provides fruit for all pupils each day and this helps the pupils develop healthy eating routines. Our staff work hard to encourage the children to try new fruits to ensure that pupils have access to a well balance, nutritious diet. Water is also available throughout the day if the children are thirsty.

For information on the cost of school meals please contact the school office.

Free School Meals

All children in Early Years and Key Stage One receive free school meals. You may choose to send your child to school with a packed lunch if you would prefer. However if you are entitled to Free School Meals it is really important that you still apply for them even if your child is in Reception or Key Stage 1. This is because all children who receive or who have been in receipt of Free School Meals bring extra funding to the school (Pupil Premium) to ensure that they receive extra provision to boost their learning. In BSAT schools, this may be extra reading, writing or maths support, extra communication support or guidance from our Family Link Worker.
Our information on Pupil Premium shows that the support we put in place to help children who receive free school meals really makes a difference to progress.

If you believe your child is entitled to have free school meals, please contact the school and we will make sure you receive an application form to complete. You can complete this if your child is in Early Years, Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2.

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