Ofsted Report

Manor School was graded as an outstanding school by Ofsted in July 2016 because:


  • The headteacher makes sure that all aspects of the school’s provision work harmoniously together. Consequently, pupils experience a highly consistent and coherent educational experience. This school lives up to its motto of ‘love, learn, laugh’.
  • Senior leaders are highly regarded by staff, pupils and parents alike because they are dedicated to securing high-quality educational provision for all pupils on roll. Senior and middle leaders are very effective because their roles are clearly defined and they work very well together.
  • Pupils’ outcomes are outstanding as a result of highly consistent teaching. Teachers work closely with therapists to make sure that all pupils’ needs are met.
  • Pupils behave extremely well because they are equipped with skills which enable them to communicate their needs successfully. Adults are excellent role models and support pupils’ behaviour effectively.
  • Pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding because leaders place an emphasis on providing opportunities which enhance every aspect of each pupil’s life. Robust systems ensure that pupils are kept safe.



  • Governors are very well informed. They have relevant skills and experience which mean that they can hold leaders to account affectively for their work.
  • The outdoor play area is carefully planned and provides attractive and varied choices for pupils during breaktimes. Adults skilfully help pupils to develop their physical, social, play and imaginative skills while at play.
  • Pupils in the early years make outstanding progress because their small steps of progress are very well recorded by adults, who then plan interesting activities to promote further learning. By the end of the Reception Year, pupils are ready to learn in Year 1.
  • Classrooms and other indoor learning areas are highly consistent. They contain useful information for pupils through the use of signs, symbols, words and numbers. The early years outdoor environment does not contain this information, however.
  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is well catered for. Pupils learn to develop friendships, explore different cultures and are involved in evaluating the work of the school.


Please download the full report here:

Manor School Ofsted Report