Manor School is part of the Brent Specialist Academy Trust (BSAT), which aspires to provide the best possible education to all pupils attending schools within the Trust. Effective governance ensures that the Trust, and each school within our Trust, is supported and challenged to maximise performance, and to ensure that the Trust complies with its legal obligations. At an individual school level, the Trust has established a Local Academy Board (LAB) that acts in a similar manner to a local Governing Body focusing on safeguarding, standards, and the curriculum.

The LAB members and their areas of responsibility are:

  • Zainab Ahmed – Chair, Parent Member (Curriculum & Standards Committee, EYFS Link)
  • Steve Thompson – Headteacher
  • Catherine Harris – Staff Member (Curriculum & Standards Committee)
  • Dean Newby – Staff Member (Curriculum & Standards Committee)
  • Laura Fawcett – Community Member (Safeguarding Link)
  • Lea Igabille – Parent Member (Curriculum & Standards Committee)
  • Mauranne Newby – Community Member (Health & Safety Link, EYFS Link)
  • Jonan Mendoza – Community Member (Safeguarding Link)

Deepti Bal is the LAB’s Clerk.

Please visit the Documentation page for more information about the LAB’s roles and responsibilities.

Please visit the Trust website for more information about BSAT and BSAT governance.