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Friday 27th March 2020

Message for pupils

Dear Bluebell Class,

This week we have all been staying at home so we can stay safe. We have been doing activities with our grown ups at home. It is different but it is okay.

In my house I have been visiting the Reading Eggs site, doing PE by watching Joe Wicks on Youtube and looking for interesting activities for you to try at home. I will post these on the Manor School website when I find them.

You can try the activities at home and email me about them.  If you send a photo of something you have been learning I can put it on the website so that your friends from school can see what you have been doing. Suzanne 🙂

Message for parents

Thank you for your support and understanding as we get to grips with a new way of working together. Over the next few weeks we will be gradually adding more content to the website and trying to recreate our school community online. Please stay in contact with us via the class emails and let us know what your child has been doing. Don’t worry if they are not completing the activities set by the school this is a confusing time and it is most important that they are happy and safe. Please feel free to share any activities or games they have been enjoying at home so that they can be included on our class page.

Activity suggestions

Reading eggs:
Login to reading eggs and complete your assignment to read the book “Caring for Pets”, or go to the library, click ‘Find a book’, at the top of the page select reading age and slide both numbers to 5. It should now say From 5 to 5. Choose a book. I recommend searching for the book “Pets”

Log in to espresso search for the counting toys 1-10 game and play online.
Or sort piles of your own toys to count. Practice using number names and  the words “How many?”, “lots”, “more” or “less/ fewer”

Watch Joe Wicks PE lessons on Youtube:
Go to www.youtube.com search for PE with Joe (don’t worry if you can’t do it all). If you can’t find it then create your own exercise routine. Encourage your child to take turns copying you or being the leader.