Pupils sat in a circle playing instruments

Every pupil at Manor school receives weekly music lessons as part of their class timetable. Music can play a very important role helping in a number of ways as children develop and grow, it can:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Help develop communication skills
  • Help to create social relationships with piers
  • Encourage children to work together


During Music lessons children have the opportunity to learn new songs, explore a variety of musical instruments and learn about different styles of music. Throughout the school year there are a number of special assemblies in which music plays an important role. All of the children will learn the songs or instruments and take part in a performance to which parents/carers and Local Academy Board members are invited. We have begun to offer instrument lessons for some of the pupils who show a special interest music: We are currently offering ukulele and trumpet lessons to a small number of pupils.

Pupils playing the ukulele

We also have a KS2 signing choir run by one of our class teachers as part of the KS2 booster clubs. The children involved in this will perform on a regular basis through the school. A number of staff have taken up the challenge of learning a musical instrument and our staff ukulele group meets on a weekly basis and will be performing in school and the local area throughout the year.