Mathematics (core area)

pupil using numicon

At Manor School we follow the school ethos of ‘Love, Learn, Laugh’ in our Maths teaching. Teachers use a range of exciting games and resources to inspire pupils in their learning and make Maths fun.

Pupils follow a differentiated Curriculum based on the National Curriculum, incorporating the three strands: Number; Measure; and Geometry.

In KS1 the focus is on learning through structured play and exploration facilitated by a high staffing ratio. Number rhymes and music are used where relevant to engage and motivate pupils in their Maths lessons.

In KS2 pupils learn new skills whilst embedding the skills they acquired in KS1. There is also a focus on generalising these skills to a wide range of settings including real life scenarios. For example the children might use real money to buy items in the local shops or at our Manor School Cafe. Maths is taught in both Key Stages in a cross-curricular way where appropriate. For example in a topic about ‘Transport’ the children might read bus numbers. Discrete Maths lessons are also taught where necessary.

Teachers plan their Maths lessons incorporating individualised maths targets for each of the pupils, based on their on-going assessment of the pupils. Teachers differentiate Maths activities and resources to ensure that all pupils are able to access the lesson and make progress at their specific academic level. There are a wide range of resources being employed throughout the school, including: real objects; photos; tactile objects; Communicate in Print symbols; Numicon; educational websites, and interactive games. This wide range of resources ensures that all three learning styles: visual; auditory; and kinaesthetic, are catered for. Teachers where possible incorporate pupils’ special interests into Maths lessons to ensure learning is motivating and fun. Pupils have access to 1:1 and group Maths teaching as well as targeted interventions being used for those pupils who find Maths particularly challenging. We also use Mathletics to support our pupils in the development of their mathematical skills both in school and at home.


Numicon was introduced to Manor School at the beginning of 2014 with whole staff training; this is refreshed termly. Numicon is used throughout the school to enhance pupils understanding and skills in relation to number, quantities, problem solving and reasoning. It is a visual, practical and child-friendly way to access the Maths curriculum. If you would like more information about Numicon please visit their website where you will find information about how Numicon can be used to support the teaching of the Maths Curriculum.