Life Skills, Gardening and Swimming

The teaching of Lifeskills is a very important part of the curriculum at Manor School. We have a high quality dedicated lifeskills learning environment and classes are taught by a lifeskills lead who develops programmes that help children with learning difficulties learn important safety skills and work towards living a more independent life. Lifeskills lessons are fun and experiences are memorable due to the range of provisions the school offers. Pupils are given opportunities to practise road safety skills by going out into the community; making simple snacks and drinks; experiencing working in the school garden to grow fruit and vegetables; learning how to interact safely with our school dog and our chickens; and performing daily living tasks such as washing up, making beds and clearing up. We also have a strong focus upon developing healthy lifestyles such as eating healthily, looking after our personal hygiene and taking exercise. By the time our pupils leave us in Year 6 we expect them to be able to manage some basic risks and cope with potentially difficult situations whilst in a safe environment.

The children all enjoy these practical sessions, and we ask you to encourage your child to help at home to further develop their independence.

Our older KS2 pupils run a cafe on Friday afternoons as part of their Excel sessions. The cafe is open to pupils, staff and parents. The cafe sessions support the pupils in developing their interaction skills, their money skills i.e.addition and preparing/serving food to others; all great skills for future life.


Over the past few years we have developed a garden area at the front and back of our school; this supports our life skills and science curriculum. Regular gardening sessions provide our pupils with hands on experience of how plants and food grow. All pupils get the chance to sow seeds and watch them grow into things they can cook and eat in their cookery sessions or see them grow into beautiful flowers and plants to enhance our environment.

Our pupils also get the chance watch our chickens, interact with them, feed them, help look after them and collect the eggs that are then used in cookery sessions. Again, this gives our pupils are real understanding of where food comes from and helps them better understand how to look after animals.


Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and also a potential life saver. At Manor School we are luck enough to have a wonderful school swimming pool that has been specially designed for teaching young children to swim. Therefore, swimming is par of our taught PE curriculum and all pupils have a weekly swimming lesson with our qualified swimming instructor.The ability to swim a key skill for life, is great excercise and is a sport/hobby that can be continued into adulthood.

Our pool and surrounding area is kept a constant heat all year round so that pupils are always kept warm. Pupils love their pool sessions and it’s a great time to encourage interaction, social skills and communication as well.

As swimming is part of our curriculum we expect all pupils to swim each week unless they have a specific medical condition, diagnosed by a Doctor, that may prevent a child from taking part in this essential school activity.

Our general policy is that if a pupil is well enough to be in school they are well enough to swim.

Please click here to view our 2018-19 swimming audit.