IT (computing)


IT/computing is an integral part of Manor School and pupils have access to laptops, iPads with WiFi access, IWB’s and computers. ICT is used as a tool to support cross curricular learning in all curriculum areas and as a device to support communication under the direction of our speech and language team.

Manor School has very good information and communication technology (ICT) resources.

  • Interactive whiteboards or screens (linked to Apple TV) in every classroom, including Food Technology, Art and Music rooms.
  • At least one networked PC in every class networked to allow communication between staff throughout the school and pupil access to the Internet whenever needed to enhance their learning experience.
  • One or two laptops in every class
  • Digital cameras in every room to record learning and ‘wow’ moments
  • One or two iPads in every class
  • Access to networked printers /photocopiers
  • Wireless network


We regularly review IT provision and new technology. Sometimes this is driven by curriculum initiatives or developments. We have established a link with a school in Ghana and are currently working to establish an IT link with this school. We are currently trialing individual iPads in three KS2 classes to investigate the positive impact on pupils learning. The effective use of IT is a frequent focus for Learning Walks and observations.

We have robust system for E Safety across the school and we share this information with parents/carers.

Please find below the Manor School IT Guide:

Manor School IT Guide