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At Manor School functional communication is at the heart of all curricular and non-curricular activities. Activities are designed so that children are engaged and motivated to participate, and a ‘Total Communication’ approach is encouraged.
Children’s attention and listening skills are supported in communication-friendly environments, where distractions are minimised and understanding is supported by the use of real-life objects, photos, visual symbols (e.g. Visual Timetables and Wordwalls) and Makaton signing. Attention Autism sessions also support the development of positive attention and engagement.
Children are also given frequent opportunities to make choices and share their thoughts with others. Whilst some children may use speech, other children use alternative/augmentative communication methods: Objects of Reference, PECS, Makaton sign or high-tech Communication Aids. We ensure that each child has a functional method of communication in the classroom and beyond.
Staff also work closely with our in-house Speech and Language Therapy team to ensure that children’s communication goals are regularly reviewed and embedded in everyday teaching. Our children make very good progress in their communication, enabling independence and encouraging a positive self-esteem. This supports them as they grow older.