We know that accurate and on-going assessment is fundamental to the setting of challenging learning targets, and creating stimulating opportunities for learning.

We report to DfE, LA, Governors and parents (see link below for DfE Performance Tables and School Assessment information).

Pupil progress is measured using BARICS (Brent Assessment Route I can System) which is a developmental assessment system using B Level ‘I can’ statements to measure small steps of progress.

Summative assessment use B levels and show attainment and progress. Progress is identified and measured through the use of percentage of B levels achieved and a predicted trajectory for individual pupils.

Formative assessment uses B level ‘I can…’ statements and PIP (Pupil Intervention Plan)  tracker to measure small steps of progress.

We have developed our own Brent assessment system which is used by teachers to record achievement and progress of learners within a B level.

In partnership with the North West London Assessment Group of special schools we have developed assessment levels to show pupil progress which enables us to bridge the gap for SEND pupils working below NC standards for KS1.

We have developed a developmental assessment system for respective reportable curriculum areas.

BARICS is used within many settings both in Brent and across England in mainstream and special settings. This enables secure moderation and comparison of pupil progress and attainment.

B1-B4: This generic non subject specific study offers pupil’s opportunities to engage, observe, explore a range of experiences and to respond to a variety of stimuli and multi-sensory activities. Class teams use engagement in both planned and choice activities to assess readiness for access to differentiated National curriculum. (Government assessment-Engagement Profile)

B5+: Pupils will access a differentiated curriculum and planned opportunities to observe, explore a range of experiences in a practical context and to generalise learning to life experiences. Pupils will have opportunities to apply experiences and activities in many different contexts so as to generalise skills and learning. (Government assessment-Standards1,2,3,4)

Pupils working at National Standard for KS1: Pupils will be provided with opportunities to participate in, plan, observe, explore, and self-assess a range of experiences in both practical and abstract form. (Government assessment-Standard 5+ 6)

Assessments are recorded continuously when a pupil has consistently achieved a skill and a teacher is confident that this skill is secure in a key area. Data/progress information is discussed at termly pupil progress meetings.

Progress meetings are where pupil progress, measured against PIP (Pupil Intervention Plan) targets, are discussed and impact of interventions is reviewed.

Members of class teams and our Multi Agency Support Team attend review meetings and next steps are agreed and strategies shared; these sessions are led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Targets from pupil previous year group Summer two targets are used in the first half of the Autumn term as teachers assess pupils in a new class setting and build relationships. Autumn two targets are set in the first half of the autumn term and take into account learners starting points, areas of need and provision.

Termly analysis and review meetings show whether learners are on track to meet or exceed targets and what is needed to support progress for all learners.

We moderate regularly both internally and externally to ensure consistency in judgments. Internal core subject moderations sessions are planned termly and have an agreed annotation and marking policy used by all staff.

Our assessment systems are used constructively to support self-evaluation and school improvement.

Please find our latest reports on Pupil Progress below and a link to the DFE School performance table for Manor School:

BSAT Pupil Progress Booklet – 2017-18

Manor School EYFS Pupil Progress and Achievement 2016-17

Manor School Key Stage 1 Pupil Progress and Achievement 2016-17

Manor School Key Stage 2 Pupil Progress and Achievement 2016-17

Manor School Attainment Booklet

Manor School Review of Standards

Department for Education: Manor School – Performance Tables