Remote learning: live learning Zoom sessions

In order to ensure that, during a lockdown, pupils are provided with opportunities to meet their social and emotional needs, we would be offering live learning sessions via the video conferencing service, Zoom, and have undertaken due diligence in our selection of Zoom as a trusted provider.

If you would like your child to take part in these live lessons, you must complete the consent form here:


Ensuring safeguarding and compliance

  • All teachers have been given comprehensive training about delivering remote lessons safely.
  • All live learning sessions will be scheduled, and that schedule shared with parents in advance.
  • Photographing or recording live sessions by teachers, pupils, or parents/carers is strictly prohibited.
  • Live sessions are only permitted to take place via Zoom and no other webcam or video chat platforms.
  • Manor School reserves the right to terminate a/all sessions if a pupil/household member is judged to have contravened any of our online safety and/or behaviour guidelines.

Requirements for parents using Zoom for their child’s live learning session

  • All the rules for safe and appropriate behaviour that apply to lessons at school will apply here. Language must always be appropriate during live sessions, including that of all other members of the household.
  • Parents must check their child’s camera view and background to ensure that it is appropriate. An adult family member should be visible at the beginning and end of the session and remain in the general proximity throughout. If desired, the adult family member can remain in the room for the duration of the session and observe or support learning.
  • Sessions must take place in an appropriate room in the home (such as the living room), and must NOT take place in a bedroom. A teacher may stop the session if they feel the setting is inappropriate and does not meet expectations. Extra care must be taken to ensure that private or sensitive information and data is not accidentally shared during live sessions. Bills, receipts, documents (both physical and digital) and letters/emails should not be on display. All members of both households should be aware that the live session is taking place and be mindful of this.
  • To further prohibit the accidental sharing of private/confidential data/images, it is required that any mobile device being used is mounted on a stand or flat surface before the live session starts. Pupils must not walk around with the mobile device.
  • All participants and all members of their household will be expected to wear suitable clothing at all times whilst the session is taking place.

Contact details where there is a concern

  • If you or your child feel uncomfortable about any aspect of the live session or the teacher conducting it (eg. behaviour, language etc.) you should report this to Mrs Angela Boast (Manor School Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead) via the safeguarding e-mail address immediately.
  • If you have a concern about any aspect of a live session, other than safeguarding (e.g. teacher punctuality, lesson quality) please contact your child’s key stage leader:

Suzanne Balcombe (Reception – Year 2)

Al Miller (Years 3 – 6)