School Governance

Our remit and structure

Brent Specialist Academy Trust (BSAT) aspires to provide the best possible education to all children attending schools within the trust.

Effective governance ensures that the Trust and each school is supported and challenged to maximise performance, and to ensure that the Trust complies with its legal obligations.

The governance of BSAT includes:

  • Members of BSAT, who are individuals who have a role akin to shareholders and so appoint Trustees and receive the accounts but are not involved in the management of BSAT.
  • A Board of Trustees that includes the Principal/CEO of BSAT, parents and staff from Manor School (and The Avenue once it opens on its permanent site) and Trustees appointed by Members or co-opted to bring specific skills to the Board.

The Board has established two Trust sub groups:

o Strategic Planning

o Resources

We have also established our School Advisory Board (SAB) that acts in a similar manner to a local Governing Body focusing on standards and the curriculum – the Chair of Manor’s School Advisory Board is Dean Newby (contact: c/o Manor School).

The Scheme of Delegation for the Trust sets out the terms of reference for the Board, its Trust sub groups and our SAB (including committees and panels that meet less frequently or on an ad-hoc basis). It also sets out the annual cycle of meetings and the anticipated main agenda items at each meeting.

Trustees and the Register of Interests

It is important that trustees and staff not only act impartially, but are also seen to act impartially. Trustees and staff have a responsibility to avoid any conflict between their business and personal interests and those of the academy trust. As such, each trustee completes a register of interests form annually, and is asked to declare any potential conflicts of interest at the beginning of each meeting. The Accounting Officer, Jayne Jardine, currently has no relevant business or pecuniary interests entered in the register.

The details of the current trustees and register of interests can be found here: Publication of BSAT Trustee Details & Register of Interests