Attention Autism

At Manor School all classes are encouraged to use Attention Autism activities daily to help our children learn to focus and sustain their attention on a sequence of learning activities whilst encouraging opportunities for all children to comment and communicate about something that excites and motivates them.

In January and February 2015 all class based staff attended fantastically exciting INSET training with Gina Davies, a specialist speech and language therapist who devised and developed the attention autism strategy and have since then been developing their classroom practice to include attention autism in their daily timetables.

The strategy consists of 4 stages that build on each other:

  • The Attention Grabber: helping pupils to learn to focus their attention
  • The Attention Builder: helping pupils to learn to sustain their focussed attention
  • The Turn Taking Game: helping pupils to learn to shift and re-focus their attention to take a turn
  • The Individual Task: helping pupils take the skills they are learning at stages 1-3 and apply them in to a task they complete by themselves

Manor School has also invested in new and exciting resources to be used across the school in Attention Autism sessions and staff have had the opportunity to attend refresher training and develop and share their own ideas with each other as part of the school’s cycle of Wednesday afternoon training and meetings. The development of Attention Autism practice is being championed by a group of class staff working across all three key stages and it is great to see children of all ages and abilities in school enjoying and benefiting from their Attention Autism sessions.

The video below shows Gina talking about benefits and importance of Attention Autism.